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Companion & Comfort Care
(visits / activities / wellness checks / holding space)

Being with family in person is always best for you or your loved one, but there may be times when it is not possible or caregivers may live a significant distance away. We can step in and provide friendship, support and check in on you or a loved ones well being, both in person and by phone.
This service may be offered to individuals in their home, assisted living and long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or hospice.


If it is not possible to be with a loved one in person to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or another holiday, we can help. We can arrange a special visit with them, bring a cake, balloons, a gift. We can also facilitate a virtual session to include family and friends.
This service may be offered to individuals in their homes, assisted living and long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or hospice.

Advance Care Planning
(personal directive / green sleeve)

Preparing for end-of-life is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and your healthcare providers.
Once prepared, a Personal Directive becomes a legal document. If you prepare it while you are well and able to make decisions for your future care, it will assert your right to choose what you want or do not want in the way of medical or non-medical treatment and care, should you become unable to communicate your wishes. If you do not have a Personal Directive, others may not know your wishes and you may be subjected to medical interventions that you would not want, or you may not receive all available treatments for your specific medical condition you would have wished to have.
Only when a person is not able to express their wishes does a personal directive come into effect and the instructions followed.
A Personal Directive may also be referred to as a Living Will or Advance Directive.
We can assist in the preparation of a Personal Directive and registration of same with the Government of Alberta. This registration enables health care professionals to find out if you have a personal directive in place and the contact information for your agent, allowing them to contact the people you trust in an emergency. Preparation of a Personal Directive does not require the services of a lawyer or notary.
We can assist in the preparation of a Green Sleeve. Your "Health Passport". This green plastic pocket contains a patients Advance Care Planning (your Personal Directive) and Goals of Care document and is how this information is communicated throughout the healthcare system.
Everyone over the age of 18 should have an Advance Care Plan as the majority of people admitted to hospital are unable to speak for themselves. Please note that we do not offer Estate Planning Services (Wills or Powers of Attorney).

End Of Life Planner
(important information / last wishes / legacy)

Getting your affairs in order can be difficult, but it is an important part of preparing for the future. Failing to prepare can make an already hard time even harder for your loved ones. Preparation of an end of life planner makes sure that those closest to you recognize your personal wishes and have all that they need to handle your affairs. It will help ensure that the people you care about will not have to worry whether they made the right decisions.
An end of life planner helps you to organize important information and documents such as (but not limited to) family records, medical information, home care instructions, funeral arrangements, child care instructions, pet care, financial affairs, location of valuables, what to pay, close or cancel, organizations and services to be notified, permission to access residence and electronic devices, household instructions and listing of passwords. It will leave instructions for loved ones in one place, to help relieve them from having to gather this information themselves during their time of grief and ensures that your final wishes are met.
Preparation of an end of life planner offers an opportunity to reflect on your important life experiences and pass on your values and blessings to your loved ones. In every area of life, a person leaves their imprint on everyone they have touched. The choices that you make between now and the day that you depart this world have the power to leave a lasting legacy. Choosing to build a legacy will bring purpose to your life. Your legacy is something meaningful that you give to the people who come after you. Leaving a legacy is an important part of your life's work, developed from a life dedicated to self-reflection and purpose. It's what future generations will remember you by, so make it something worth remembering.
The decision to prepare an end of life planner may feel overwhelming and cumbersome. We are here to help by arranging a meeting to have these important discussions. As we are having these discussions, we will incorporate your wishes into a planner document to be provided to you for safe keeping.
Please note that this end of life planner document is not a legal document and does not replace a valid Will.

Respite for Caregivers
(take a break for self care)

We can provide a day of respite for a caregiver who needs the occasional chance to step back and get some much needed rest and to focus on their own health and well being.
This service may be offered to individuals in their home, assisted living and long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or hospice.

(MAID - medical assistance in dying / Psilocybin therapy)

MAID is a legal option in Canada for adults who meet specific criteria set out in law, for a medically assisted death. MAID is available in Canada, at no cost, to anyone eligible for government funded services.
We will meet you where you are at. We will respect your decision, advocate on your behalf, and assist and provide non-judgemental support in facilitating the requested process. We do not offer advice or our opinion.

Sitting Vigil

Being present at someone's bedside as they are in the final days or hours of life can be a physical and emotional strain on family, but it can also be a precious moment that one will cherish forever.
We are available to allow family members to get some sleep, enjoy a meal or take a break, easing anxiety knowing that their loved one will not be alone.
"There is no more intimate part of life then being present with someone during their final moments."
Jody Mitchell, Hospice of Cincinnati

Grief Work
(rituals and ceremony)

Everyone grieves differently, but if you understand your emotions, take care of yourself and seek support, you can heal.
Rituals are an important part of the healing process. Any act done with intention and that has special meaning may be part of the mourning ritual.
There can be a gentle yet powerful acceptance of death and dying through ritual.
"The only person who gets to decide what grief looks like is the person experiencing it."
- Megan Devine

Commissioner for Oaths

We are a Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta.

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